March 2019 Note: Our website is currently undergoing updates and changes. Stay tuned! 

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The University of Toronto Environmental Action (UTEA) is made up of students from across the university who are working together for increased awareness of the environmental challenges –in particular climate change and the oil sands – that we all face. We are building a coalition of students representing every discipline on the St. George campus who are concerned with the state of our environment and the way it is being abused to the detriment of other species and future generations. No matter how you look at it, the world’s natural systems are under great stress, and as young people it’s imperative we begin to speak out and take action.

We work to raise awareness about huge, impactful climate change issues such as Indigenous water rights, international environmental policy, Canadian environmental infrastructure, and more. We are huge on policy advocacy- and operate as a hub for innovative policy research.

 Moreover, as our name suggests, we intend to take action not only to raise environmental consciousness, but to work towards changing unsustainable policies and practices at U of T.

We use a democratic, consensus-based framework for decision making, to make sure that all voices are heard.